Game Documentation - Dreaming

Dreaming is a piece in which users explore landscapes created and defined by my art work; photography, video art and creative coding. I had just a few goals in making this piece: Allowing the player/user to fly, keeping the puzzle solving light and as frustration free as possible and keeping all controls relegated to a mouse/trackpad. The first was mostly a matter of fun. I can’t think of any exploration games were the player/user can fly without the help of some sort of vehicle. It’s always walking in one form or another I wanted to change that simply because I thought it would be fun. I’m currently still working on the best way to handle that while using just the mouse a controller. The puzzle element is something whose necessity I’m still trying to discern. My concern is how I get people to spend time and see all that I want to show them without feeling as though there isn’t anything to do. I feel this question can be answered after much more playtesting and iterating. It’s a project I intend to continue working on throughout my tenure at school and well after. I want it to be a living, breathing interactive museum in which I showcase my and possibly my friends’ work.

 Playtesting at BabyCastles

Dreaming Gameplay