Be a Person

I feel a twinge of sorrow for Lanier. Largely due to the fact that all of the predicted maladies of technology have come true. Hive-mind is in full effect, regardless of how hard people try to pretend that they are individual people. Jaron published this book in 2010; 7 years before clickbait became god, people to exist as mere facsimiles of their instagram profile and Facebook became the #1 source for news. I imagine he started writing it a few years before then. Maybe 2007 or so. Remember what the internet was like then vs. the shit storm it is now, there is no way even someone of his unique position could have predicted the extent to which his prophecies would come true. 

What I feel more sorrowful for though is that, most people who would read this manifesto would likely violently object. Why? Well because they'd inevitably have to admit that it is too late. That we for the most part have become gadgets. That in most cases many of us LIKE being gadgets. They couldn't bear the idea that the behavior meant something of themselves was being left out. Because then they'd have to admit that it was their fault. That their careful years of perfectly crafted fallacy was spiritual cannibalism. Furthermore (and this is what I believe people have the greatest issue with.) 
They would have to admit this disservice is no ones fault of their own and in turn that there's something the-- WE could do to fix it. 

Or maybe I have no idea what I'm talking about.