Game Documentation - Velocirapture


What is "Velocirapture"?

A game that exists as a metaphor for my life, told through an endless runner starring raptors, wily platforms and a camera that won't cooperate. 

Velocirapture is  a project that was born out of frustration. I was in a relationship that was draining my very soul whilst dealing with the  rigors of trying to survive while attending one of the many over priced academic institutions in America. The assignment was to create an endless runner; A genre I'm not very fond of. I prefer things with arc, stories and so on. I'm real pretentious about my gaming experiences. 

This being the case the stress I was already dealing with was compounded by having to make an object I wouldn't otherwise interact with. 

I decided to put my feelings into the game. I wanted whomever was playing it to feel like I did at that time: 


Frustrated. Confused. Enslaved by futility. 

I've shown it at IDGA and this year's playtech. 
At IDGA the audience was all adults. Likely ones that had years of experience with digital experiences. Though confused initially, when I explained the experience represented my life they "got it" 

"ooooohhh" they'd say as they laughed and continued to fail at making it from platform to platform

It wasn't at all as well received at Playtech however.  The users (elementary age kids and middle schoolers) just weren't into anything that felt difficult and thrust them into chaos the way velocirapture does. 

Two of my hardest critics 

Two of my hardest critics 

All in all I'm happy with the project because the feelings I wanted people to have all emerge during play. Whether they like it or not, the message comes through; 

Check it out for free below. 

[currently only works on windows; working on a mac build ]