I Don't Like Sh*t. I Don't Go Outside.

     Harry Potter isn't very good. Before Ayn Rand's Harry Potter, the previous statement was just an idea born of my burgeoning ability to critique media; after Mallory Ortberg's article  I'm solidifying my stance on this. in their piece, Mallory highlights the problematic (for some) free market economy using the Sorcerer's Stone as a lens. It also does a bang-up job of condensing  300+ pages of a fluff narrative into a page or two. What I appreciate most about Ortberg's articles are the questions it sends bouncing around one's mind. "Is a free market economy really bad?" "What does it mean to participate fairly in it?" "Why wasn't the Harry Potter in the original novel this forward-thinking and useful?" I believe these questions to be important because they're ones that aren't asked often enough deep thoughtful and, dare I say...philosophical. 
      I've been sort of stuck in philosophical quicksand myself as of late. This is undoubtedly why I chose Philosoraptor as the meme inspiration for my game. Things have begun to feel increasingly pointless these days. I don't know if its to do with burnout or money [likely the later], but I'm always feel as thought I should be doing something at a frenetic pace. The problem is I am so wildly disinterested in doing so. I think I'm going to try to reflect that in my upcoming game; 
Make it a translation of my current emotional state: listless, frustrated helpless and tired.